What if we would be certain that our kids will lead a fair, plenthyful, kind and happy life? That we will overcome climate change, find wonderful ways to be kind and nurturing to our planet and enssure a thriving environment for all life? What if we stand a chance to experience a world without war, povery or hunger? What if lego bricks will never be stepped on again, keys will never be misplaced and bellies will never go hungry, anywhere in the world?

This is all possible. At the very least, in our imagination. We have done so many things once considered utterly impossible. Today, we fly regularly, communicate instantly with friends thousand of kilometers away and have access to the entire world's knowledge in our pocket.

We should know by now that what tomorrow brings is truly a matter of what we choose to imagine today. So let's imagine utopias! What is the best that can happen?

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