The PnP version of Zestrea is currently available only in English.

Zestrea Print and Play

Print your own version of Zestrea in English, including the complete manual. The normal 6 sided die is not included - you can use any regular die you have at home.

These PDF files contain all Boyars. Good and Hard Times, Fate cards and villagers. We designed them to be super easy to print. You can print them by yourself or send the materials to a printing company. The materials you will receive contain a printing instructions file as well. We recommend printing on thicker paper.


Lost Sunday Comics is a virtual comic book library where you can enjoy in discreet, magical settings original, new and exciting works of art from carefully selected comic book artists.

Currently, the shelves of Lost Sunday Comics host the digital version of The Lost Sunday, as well as the collection of silent comics called Treasures, Thoughts and Trinkets. 

In this magical comic book library, you can read our comics in several languages, zoom in, and use bookmarks. We are adding more functionality over time. 

The Lost Sunday is available in English, Romanian, Swedish and French.

The printed version of Zestrea is currently available only in Romanian.


Zestrea is a marriage negotiation board game about ridiculous Romanian traditions, arranging weddings, and surviving Hard Times. Zestrea can be played by 3 to 6 players and one game takes about one hour to play through. Manuals, videos and even a playlist are available on

"Every time I’ve played Zestrea, there have been moments of cheering and agony, bursts of laughter and disappointment. It is a lively experience, but it requires a buy-in from the group—such is the case with any number of social gaming experiences. Call the villagers by name. Treat them like your own children. Pound the table. Get off your seat and negotiate with a bit of vigor! Invest, and enjoy." - Bob Pazehoski, Jr., Meeple Mountain


The Lost Sunday is a comic book about working too much, told through stories and inspiration from old folklore, myths and tales.

Nina lives in a dusty town, haunted by the six angry wolves of the week - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Each day brings never-ending chores, and no one can rest until they are done.

Legend speaks of a seventh, kinder wolf, but everybody knows an evil witch stole it and keeps it locked away. But Nina has had enough, so she sets on an ambitious quest - go to the forgotten realms, vanquish the witch, bring back Sunday and enough free time for everyone.

The Lost Sunday is available in English, Romanian, Swedish and French.