Pronoia designs, curates and publishes artistic expressions of ideal worlds,

mostly in the form of games.

When we imagined visiting the moon, it became a reality. What else can we imagine? Our vision is that our future can be closer to an utopia, if enough of us collectively dream of it.

Our mission is to make it easy for anyone, including ourselves, to imagine and experience utopias, by creating, curating and publishing artistic expressions that inspire this kind of thinking. We design and craft our own utopias and also publish and promote inspiring works that fit our vision.

We work with artists all over the world, favoring custom collaborations over classical company structures in an attempt to design a fairer distribution of profits. Our portfolio includes the marriage negiation board game Zestrea and the optimistic strategy game Heart.Papers. Border. We also run relaxingames, a Steam Curator page that recommends relaxing games/ relax in games. We have bold plans, so stay tuned for more!

Our artists


Zestrea, Heart. Papers. Border., relaxingames

Laura is the founder of Pronoia AB. She has been active in the games industry since 2000 and wore many hats, including creative director, designer, producer and CEO. 


Heart. Papers. Border.

Sebastian is a passionate video games programmer and photographer with a career in the games industry spawning for 20 years. He codes utopias for fun.



Horațiu studied programming and then joined VR Unicorns as a lead programmer in Copenhagen. Together with Alex, he designed Zestrea - and now plays it everywhere in Copenhagen. 


Zestrea, Heart. Papers. Border.

Maria is a popular illustrator and comic book author with a fascinating collection of personal projects as well as super impressive clients. She is the brilliant art director behind Zestrea and her work is also part of Heart. Papers. Border. 


Eleonor is a super nice accountant who is an expert when it comes to games and game making. After many years as a financial executive at Paradox, she now runs Goblin Accounting and keeps the books for several indie game developers.



Alex is one of the designers behind Zestrea, and recently joined the Heart. Papers. Border. team. Despite his young age, he is a very talented game designer with and amazing communication skills.

Contact, submissions & more

We have so many ideas and dreams that we want to develop! We mostly brainstorm games, because that's what we are good at, and focus on the brilliant ideas of our current teams. We also scout for utopias where our help would make an impact.

Have you played, read, watched or experienced an utopia you wish to tell us about? Reach out to us! Do you have an idea of a perfect world, expressed in video or board games? We occasionally publish projects, but only if they are a perfect fit with our vision. 

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